Every time I set up on location, I am immediately on the hunt for what makes that property unique. Angles, color, shadows and light all play a role in telling a visual story. The relationship of spaces, the quality of construction, the unique detail in a fireplace mantel that catches my eye, it all speaks to me, and I have made a career out of capturing the essence and the emotion of residential architecture in photographs.

My journey toward becoming a photographer began with a degree in English, nearly a decade in hospitality management, and several years working as a freelance writer. My background in management and journalism provided a perfect, if unlikely, foundation for me to turn my lifelong love of photography into a business.

I am an architectural, aerial, and estate photographer. I work with architects, builders, designers, and real estate brokers to create high quality marketing images. 

I love my job.



Tyra Pacheco Photography 
P.O. Box 124
Rochester, MA 02770 
tyra (at) southcoastimages.com



Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, SouthCoast, Eastern Massachusetts, as well as all of Rhode Island



For projects in the New York Metro area, Westchester, Fairfield, and Coastal Connecticut, contact daniel(at)milsteinphoto.com.